Took a dosage of 20mg of adderall XR today around mid first period about 15min before class ended. It kicked in during second period which is when I have advanced art, my heart rate increased & my mentality doubled. It is 1:52pm right now, I’m sitting in a classroom with 6 other students pulled out to take a math test. I feel my skin tingling & my heart pumping, I keep getting weird reality thoughts popping in my mind & I feel as if I could do one million tests and pass them all. Earlier I wrote a short random story about a girl who found her way across the Andromeda galaxy through a dream she had for many nights. I suck at math nor do I like the subject but for some reason it has become an intriguing delight to my eyes, the way numbers form & equal things, its all fascinating to me, I mean not that it isn’t fascinating to me all the time but at this very moment in time it is just fucking  spectacular. I have no idea what I’m talking about, I feel as if I could walk 100 miles or swim for hours back and forth in a freezing cold pool. Now I’m writing this random tumblr post. Jesus Christ.  Everything feels like bit had a meaning and I just feel like ripping open everything and discovering how it truly works. Haha kaybbye